Thinking QMS?

Think over following issues with respect to your organization…..

  • Project success is unpredictable and is highly dependent of manager’s skill and competency.
  • Difficult to identify reasons of project failures due to lack of proper documentation.
  • Even if reasons of failures are identified they are often repetitive.
  • Unable to achieve project timelines or facing delays due to inadequate planning and monitoring.
  • Visible communication gaps.
  • Customer feedbacks are alarming.
  • Employee satisfaction level is decreasing due to lack of morale and recognitions.
  • Organization/Project faces tough time if employee leaves the organization, i.e. high person dependency.
  • Management facing issues to identify root causes of the failures or inconsistency in performances.
  • Resources are not efficiently being used. They are either over allocated under allocated.

If you think your organization is facing some or more related issues mentioned above, then it is a right time to start thinking of a Quality Management System (QMS).

QMS focuses on Customer, People and Process. It is aligned towards organization’s goals and objectives and helps achieving efficiency and effectiveness in the way the organization functions.

QMS is a structured documented framework consisting of a set of policies, processes and tools to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Still thinking on QMS?

Here are few, but not limited, benefits of building a QMS which might boost your confidence towards it.

  • Organization functions are standardized and well documented. It eliminates possibility of person dependent interpretations.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction level due to high quality end product.
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction due to project successes and high morale.
  • Increased employee competency level since training needs are identified at right time to right people.
  • Organization functions are people independent and process dependent. Thus organization performs consistently irrespective of people joining or leaving the organization.
  • Consistency in good quality end product because same processes are implemented.
  • Increased level of functional clarity at any point of time because of effective and structured documentations.
  • Lesser rework because reviews are done at appropriate time and defects/errors are identified in early phases, thus reduction in delays.
  • Performance measurements of people, process are quantitative (data based) rather than subjective (People based).
  • Improved company recognition as there is a high level of customer and employee satisfaction levels.

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