Managing Defects

Defect simply means a fault, error or mistake which if not corrected at appropriate time leads to failure. Defects can occur at any point of time during product development. Thus, defect management activity is a crucial part of product development.


Defects tracking

Defects tracking in certain phase involves in identification of defects and tracking them closure. Following are the phases while tracking defects:

  • Defect Discovery: It refers to finding of defects. Defects are identified through reviews/testing activities.
  • Defect Recording: Logging the defects in specific document with predefined parameters like defect description, date/time, defect severity, defect priority, defect status, defect category, defect cause etc.
  • Defect Validation: Validating and acknowledging the defect.
  • Defect Resolution: Solution to the defects and making necessary corrections.
  • Defect Verification: Checking whether the defect is resolved correctly.
  • Defect closure: Close the defect if verification is positive.

Defect Analysis

Defect Analysis is done to analyze defects occurred during certain phase of product development life cycle in order to prevent its repeated occurrences in future. Parameters like defect category and defect cause are used to analyze the defects.

Defect Prevention

Defect prevention tries to minimize potential defects in certain phase by analyzing root causes of existing defects or by analyzing potential risks. Defect analysis and identified risks provides valuable inputs in identifying potential defects and causes of defects that might result in defects during subsequent phases.

Various techniques like Pareto chart, five whys, cause and effect diagram, fishbone diagram etc. are used to analyze defects.


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